Prince William and his wife Kate,melawat Masjid Assyakirin ( lawatan pertama pasangan diraja ke masjid di dunia)

Pasangan itu telah melawat Masjid Assyakirin di tengah-tengah Kuala Lumpur, yang merupakan yang terbesar di Malaysia dan boleh menjadi tuan rumah 12,000 untuk solat Jumaat.
Ia adalah lawatan pertama pasangan diraja ke masjid di mana-mana di dunia.
The Assyakirin Mosque in the centre of Kuala Lumpur, with the city's iconic Petronas towers soaring in the background

Learning experience: During their tour of the mosque, the first they have visited together, both the prince and his wife were full of questions

Guided tour: The Duke and Duchess make their way around the mosque accompanied by officials and security men

Kate listens to an unidentified mosque official during the visit to Assyakirin Mosque

Crowd pleasers: The Duke and Duchess are met by crowds of royal fans as they arrive for their walkabout at Kuala Lumpur City Centre park

Carnival atmosphere: As the duke and duchess wandered around the Kuala Lumpur park they were treated to a colourful cultural performance

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