Help and Save Syria

Our immediate goal is to provide and distribute humanitarian relief for the citizens of Syria who have been subjected to violence, intimidation, fear and torture over the last few months.The urgency of the current situation inside Syria has reached a crisis stage.Many cities and villages are without basic sanitation services, food and medical supplies.

We have developed partnerships and supply lines and are currently providing food, infant formula, supplies, medical assistance and rehabilitation DIRECTLY to the people of Syria.Our long term goals include assisting with the development of institutions that are receptive to democratic reforms, and to train individuals so that they are capable of implementing these reforms.



Syria Relief & Development - SRD is helping Syrian citizens by working with our partners inside Syria to provide aid DIRECTLY to suffering Syrian families. With your generosity we are able to provide the following relief:

Food Baskets (including basic supplies like rice, bread, powdered milk, cooking oil, etc.)
Heating stoves
Kerosene lamps
Infant formula, medicine and nutrition
Medical supplies for mobile hospitals
Winter Clothing
Warm bedding


 NOW AT http://www.helpsyrianow.org/