SalamWorld ( Muslims Facebook )

SalamWorld, the Facebook for Muslims

What is Salamworld

  1. A universal Islamic alternative to ordinary social networks 
  2. Personalized Islamic content prepared by Muslims for Muslims 
  3. A mimbar for the modern Muslim society 
  4. A social platform for communication between Muslim communities 
  5. An online channel between Muslim leaders and their followers 
  6. A bridge between Muslims and the rest of the World

Our Mission

Salamworld is the first global IT project based on healthy Haram-free Islamic values. Salamworld is designed as multilingual and multicultural dimension to provide social web services promoting Islamic heritage worldwide, and at the same time serving a communication tool between Muslims all over the world.

With multilingual features SW is expecting to cover main languages of Muslim world targeting to reach 30-50 million users within next 3 years.

Our Audience

  1. Young generation of Muslims and non-Muslims 
  2. Modern Muslim families 
  3. New generation of social leaders 
  4. International network of contemporary Muslim Scholars
  5.  Muslim communities in Islamic and non-Islamic regions 
  6. Non-Muslims seeking information on Islam.

Our Team

Our professional team consists of experts from 12 countries. Executive Board has representatives of about 17 countries.

Our Partners and Friends

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Great Support for Salamworld from a Legendary Muslim Leader

Moscow, Russia
Salamworld Receives Support from the Russian State Mufti

Istanbul, Turkey
Abdurrakhman Dilipak

Istanbul, Turkey
Fahad Abdullah Al Rajhi Visits Salamworld

Istanbul, Turkey
Nahdlatul Ulama Visit

Istanbul, Turkey
Nezvat Yalcintas

Jakarta, Indonesia
Salamworld Now Closer to Indonesia

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