SalamWorld: amirulyun89.blogspot.com ( I Am SaRaWakiaN ):

SalamWorld ( Muslims Facebook )
SalamWorld, the Facebook for Muslims
amirulyun89.blogspot.com ( I Am SaRaWakiaN )

SalamWorld ( Muslims Facebook )

SalamWorld, the Facebook for Muslims

What is Salamworld

A universal Islamic alternative to ordinary social networks
Personalized Islamic content prepared by Muslims for Muslims
A mimbar for the modern Muslim society
A social platform for communication between Muslim communities
An online channel between Muslim leaders and their followers
A bridge between Muslims and the rest of the World

Our Mission

Salamworld is the first global IT project based on healthy Haram-free Islamic values. Salamworld is designed as multilingual and multicultural dimension to provide social web services promoting Islamic heritage worldwide, and at the same time serving a communication tool between Muslims all over the world.

With multilingual features SW is expecting to cover main languages of Muslim world targeting to reach 30-50 million users within next 3 years.

Our Audience

Young generation of Muslims and non-Muslims
Modern Muslim families
New generation of social leaders
International network of contemporary Muslim Scholars
 Muslim communities in Islamic and non-Islamic regions
Non-Muslims seeking information on Islam.

Our Team

Our professional team consists of experts from 12 countries. Executive Board has representatives of about 17 countries.