Total Recall movie review

Total Recall is the 2012 remake of a science fiction movie which was originally shown in 1990 starring Arnold Schwarzeneger. Though it is largely similar to the original version which was adapted from a story by well-known author Philip K. Dick, many elements are also changed but key characters are retained in the new movie. It is directed by Len Weisman, who was involved in the Underworld series as well as Live Free or Die Hard.

The action thriller is about reality and memory in the future, and Rekall is a company which can turn people’s dreams into real memories. Douglas Quaid (played by Colin Farrell) is a factory worker with a frustrating life and decides to take the ‘perfect vacation’ by asking for memories of life as a super spy.

But something goes wrong after Rekall implants the memories he asked for and he becomes confused. It seems like the memories he has are more real than they should be and a series of events sees him becoming a hunted man.

Finding himself on the run from the police, Quaid teams up with a rebel fighter  - the world is very different in 2084, the year the movie is set in – known as Melina (Jessica Biel) to find the head of the underground resistance which is trying to stop Chancellor Cohagen (Bryan Cranston) from achieving world domination.

The line between fantasy and reality gets blurred and the fate of Quaid’s world hangs in balance as he discovers his true identity, his true love and his true fate.

Total Recall also stars Kate Beckinsale, wife of the movie’s director and star of the Underworld series.

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